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Teaching and practicing facilities,  student concerts

Teaching of the Summer Academy 2023 will take place  both in the area of ​​the Hyvärilä Youth & Holiday Centre and in the center of Nurmes.

In Hyvärilä, teaching facilities are found in the barn building and in the manor building. The teaching facilities in the center are at Nurmes house, Kirkkokatu school (wooden school and stone school), Nurmes church (organ), Orthodox church (harpsichord and baroque workshop) and Rukoushuone (accompaniment lessons).


Training facilities are primarily in the premises of the Kirkkokatu school. The teaching facilities can be used for practice when they are free. In the afternoons rooms are reserved for the Summer Music concert rehearsals, and teachers have the right to use the facilities.


It is about 3 km from Hyvärila to the center. The Summer Academy's minibus starts running this distance right from the morning. There are some bikes for rent in Hyvärilä, or you can bring your own.


The student concerts of the Summer Academy are part of the Nurmes Summer Music festival program. There are three student concerts during the week of the event: two at Galleria Tyko in the Nurmes building and the final concert on Sunday July 9 in the Hannikainen hall of the Nurmes building. In addition, there are performance opportunities, e.g. at the Haikola house and at the Nurmes home.

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