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The Enthusiast Package

Would you like to peek behind the scenes and watch how a performing artist grows? Are interested in the Alexander technique, performance coaching or perhaps the secrets of baroque music? Do you want to take just a few private lessons? Check out the possibilities of the enthusiast package!

Read more about the content of the workshops here:


Are you interested in a practical method for finding and understanding the balance of body and mind? Take part in Alexander technique group lessons or take private lessons. The teacher is FMAlexander technique teacher and cellist Lauri Angervo.

Price list:

  • workshop €80, inc. 3 x 90 min group lessons + 1 x 30 min private lesson 

  • private lesson €40/45 min

  • individual group lesson €20/90 min
    Group lessons are held in Hyvärilä's mansion building in the meeting room named Höljäkkä.
    The schedule of the classes will be determined in June 2023. Usually, the group classes take place in the morning, spread over the festival week. Private lessons can be arranged at the end of June by contacting producer Taina Viinisalo.



Under the leadership of organist-harpsichordist Markku Mäkinen, we will learn about performing music from the Baroque era! In the workshop, there is an opportunity to receive guidance in both solo repertoire (pianists get to know playing the harpsichord) and continuo playing, according to the needs of each student. You can also bring baroque chamber music to the workshop! 

Price list:

  • active student €65, incl. 3x90 min group lessons (participation with own instrument)

  • passive student €30, incl. following 3x90min group lessons

  • individual group lesson as a passive student €10/90 min
    The group lessons are held in the Orthodox Church of Nurmes. There is a harpsichord in the space. The schedule of the classes will be determined in June 2023.



Are your hands shaking? Is breathing blocked? Is the brain hitting the panic button?
In the performance training workshop, work tools are acquired for facing the performance situation with the help of various exercises and theater plays. The workshop focuses on studying performance, becoming aware of its stages and recognizing one's own behavior in a performance situation.


Actor Timo Vuento acts as the gentle and inspiring director of the workshop. Participation does not require previous experience in theater or acting!

Price list:

  • active student €65, incl. 3x90 min of group teaching

  • individual group lesson €20/90 min

  • private lesson €40/45 min


Group lessons are held at Kirkkokatu school. The dates of the lessons will be determined in June 2023. Private lessons can be arranged at the end of June by contacting producer Taina Viinisalo.



Young music student, does the Summer Academy's masterclass package feel too overwhelming and would you like to attend just a few private lessons? Are you only coming to Nurmes for a short time? Do you want to refresh your dusty skills or, as a keyboard player, get to know, for example, how to play the organ or the harpsichord? Plan your individual package.

Price list:

  • private instrument lesson €55/45 min (1-4 pcs)



Various lecture-type events are organized during the festival week. We will publish the content in March 2023




Do you want to peek behind the scenes and follow the teaching?

You can follow and listen to the lessons of the masterclasses. One of our pianists teaches daily in the Hannikainen hall of Nurmes building between 9 am and 2 pm. Please take the class situation into account and arrive and leave as quietly as possible. To observe other classes, contact producer Taina Viinisalo at the end of June.



Report the content of the enthusiast package you want to Savonlinna Summer University by April 30, 2023

IAfter the registration period has expired on April 30, 2023, you can inquire about the availability of the enthusiast package from our producer Taina Viinisalo:

tel. +358 44 3661424 or


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