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Surrender to all the senses

The sweetest festival of the summer brings together sparkling top artists from Finland and abroad to provide breathtaking experiences in varying venues!


During the festival week, the audience may travel in time and different genres of music and dramatized events in the beautiful concert hall, dusky cabins, ambient churches, and urban spaces.

The theme of summer 2024 opens up the world of creative madness and the early sounds of the classical music era. 

The popular Summer Academy master classes spice up the concert series with youthful energy, allowing the public to follow the mentoring and lectures, or even take their own lessons in music making.

Pianists Tuija Hakkila and Anna Laakso have guided the artistic direction of this event in alternate years with no disinclination to deliver

surprises and powerful moods 

– the upcoming summer flutist Kaisa Kortelainen will complete

the brilliant trio of planning!

Kopio tiedostosta 20180705-IMG_9912.jpg


You can find all the events of the festival week here:


 The artists who perform annually in the summer of Nurmes are the best in their field and make the festival glow with inspiration and skill!

Get to know the artists in more detail and come and enjoy on the spot.

Kopio tiedostosta 20180703-IMG_0340.jpg


Every year, Nurmes' summer is filled with captivating energy as dozens of young music students rush to learn craftsmanship and knowledge from the Summer Academy's master classes.

What would be a more delicious opportunity than peeking behind the scenes and watching how the road to becoming an artist is built. 


Check out the possibilities here:

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