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Broaden your views on music, learn new skills, fall in love with collaboration,

gather your energy in the workshops of the Nurmes Summer Academy!


When registering, choose 1-3 of your choice.

Teacher Lauri Angervo

The Alexander technique is a practical method with which the student learns to find the balance and connection between body and mind. 

Group lessons are the basis of the course. Through various exercises, we get to know the possibilities of our body.

The workshop includes 3x75 min group sessions, and in addition each course participant gets a 30-minute private lesson.


The teacher of the Alexander technique course is cellist Lauri Angervo, who started studying FMAlexander technique in Bremen in 1995. He graduated under Dan Armon in Berlin in 2003. 

The course can be approved as course completion through Sibelius Academy's Open University (1 credit). 

Teacher Veli Kujala

Throw yourself into the unknown under the inspiring guidance of multi-talented Veli Kujala. Everyone is welcome to the workshop, regardless of the instrument. You don't have to have previous experience in improvisation.


Teaching is given in 3 x 75 min group lessons.

Teacher Markku Mäkinen

In the workshop, under the expert guidance of organist-harpsichordist Markku Mäkinen, you will get to know the music performance practices of the Baroque period.

In the workshop, there is an opportunity to receive guidance in both solo repertoire (pianists get to know playing the harpsichord) and continuo playing, according to the needs of each student. You can also bring baroque chamber music to the workshop!

Teaching is given in 3x90 min group lessons.


Play chamber music in groups formed of Summer Academy students, from duos to quintets. If you have any wishes for potential chamber music partners, please let us know when you register.

The groups are formed and the repertoire decided after the registration period. The sheet music will be sent 

for members of the ensemble during June.


Chamber music lessons are given 3x60 min. The teachers are the artists of the Summer Academy

Teacher: Timo Vuento

Are your hands shaking? Is breathing blocked? Is the brain hitting the panic button?

In the performance training workshop, you acquire tools for facing the performance situation with the help of various exercises and theater games. The workshop focuses on studying performance, becoming aware of its stages, and recognizing one's behavior in a performance situation.


Actor Timo Vuento acts as the gentle and inspiring director of the workshop. Participation does not require previous experience in theater or acting!


Presentation coaching classes are given 3x75 minutes.

The course is open to everyone regardless of the instrument!

Teacher Lotta Wennäkoski

Try composing?

Why not - and of course! The composition workshop opens a peephole into how a person composing looks and listens to the world.  The workshop offers practical guidance and tips for both beginners and those who are already composing.

The course is led by a great Finnish composer Lotta Wennäkoski. The course includes 3x90 min group lessons.


In this workshop

one of the playing members of the chamber music group is one of the artists of the festival, who also acts as the group's teacher.


The groups and the repertoire are decided after the registration period, and the sheet music will be sent to the members of the ensemble in June.


Chamber music lessons are given 3x60 min.

Treat yourself to knowledge and skill, draw from the cauldron of new teachings and taste with us a surprise menu the size of a music festival.
Welcome to the warmth of Nurmes!
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